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Noa & Snow, a gentle experiment between the everyday and the event, is an art-based research project funded by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) via a PEEK grant (September 2019- August 2022).

Noa & Snow fosters transversal thinking and living by creating conditions/situations for dialogue between artists and/or theoreticians from different fields of knowledge, by implicating various sites of cultural experience/production, sharing and circulation. At the crossroad between curating, writing and choreography, Noa & Snow is an organisation of working, of studying together, that skirts the already established modes of artistic production and organises its own poetic encounters.

The project aims at exploring the capacities of poetry to ignite imagination across several writing modes and genres in order to shed some light on the possible articulations between performance practices, writing practices and poetry; it wants to spot the cultural and political stakes of practicing poetry-writing-choreographing collectively. If choreography, or rather a choreographic public occurence, becomes a support and a vector for something else to happen (writing, resting, drifting away), then the notion of event is diluted, it refocusses on dancing as a social event. Conceived as a choreographic social experiment, Noa & Snow allows rather than guides, implicates rather than explicates.

The public occurences of Noa & Snow are writing ateliers: the hosts/artists/team design notebooks, each of them unique, for their guests; as the performance unravels, the audience is invited to write, draw, doodle around, pen in hand, pen-siveness deployed – be it applications, e-mails, long forgotten instant messages, shopping lists, letters maybe. Everything taking place in the space is to be considered poetry.