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Poem # 1

Poem # 1 has the aspiration to be a group-work, one that honours a collective form of forms.

Unexpected juxtapositions will explore tensions between different fields of knowledge, celebrating the arts of leaking and infusing. In the words of Gertrude Stein,

Act so there is no use in a centre.

Noa &Snow wants to trouble the distinction between everyday activity and performative event. It is a choreographic event during which the audience is given the possibility to write, a proposition to discover the everydayness of both practices in a way that complicates the notion of the everyday itself.

As a performance is unraveling, the audience is given the possibility to work on their daily writing tasks: applications, e-mails, long forgotten instant messages, shopping lists, letters maybe... Everything taking place in the space is to be considered poetry.

If audience members did not bring their own, they will be provided with writing material. We frame dance, music and poetry as part of ordinary life, just as others make bread, repair cars or sell insurances. 

People, institutions and other agents, existing or not, to credit for the realisation of Poem#1:
In disorder of apparition(s), production management, book-keeping and consulting, documentation, 80 prepared notebooks, 3 talking/singing lights, 5 dances, pairs of costumes (modern couples), a duck, a trompe l’oeil, the Cuir Baby, an ICP (iconographic critical poem), an inviting curator.